Passport Disk Cracking Utility V20171114 Released

The Apple II hacker, 4am (@a2_4am) has announced that the Apple II Disk Image cracking utility Passport has been updated.  Passport is a utility for the Apple II computer which automatically removes the disk protection schemes from the original disk, leaving the program completely unprotected.

Passport v20171114 includes a host of new features and fixes including:

  • Supports ProDOS RAM disks to read an entire disk at once (IIgs RAM disk, RAMFactor, RAMWorks, modern clones)
  • NEW: DOS 3.2 support (MUSE, Edu-Ware, Hartley, Krell, Hayden, DLM)
  • NEW: patchers/advint.a, an encrypted nibble check (Scott Adams adventures)
  • NEW: patchers/bbf9.a, a desync bitstream (late Sunburst disks)
  • NEW: patchers/jmpb400.a, a self- decrypting nibble check in late boot (Mindscape, DLM, Thunder Mountain)
  • NEW: patchers/memory.config.a, ProDOS startup program with nibble check (DC Heath, Marshware)
  • NEW: patchers/pascalrwts.a (Learning Multi-Systems)
  • NEW: patchers/sra.a (SRA)
  • NEW: patchers/rwtslog.a, refactored and expanded log of RWTS variants
  • NEW: id/micrograms.a (Micrograms)
  • NEW: id/rdos.a (SSI)
  • NEW: support for early Infocom disks
  • IMPROVED: patchers/a6bc95.a (fixes Friendly Filer)
  • IMPROVED: patchers/jmpbeb1.a (fixes Spelling Rules)
  • IMPROVED: patchers/sierra.a (fixes Winnie The Pooh)
  • IMPROVED: id/laureate.a (fixes Sound Ideas)

You can find the latest releases of Passport on Github at:

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