Mr. Fixit Source Released for Apple ][ Prosel

After a request by Willi Kuche, the Apple ][ community came together and managed to come up with two versions of the source code for Glen Bredon’s Mr. Fixit for Prosel 8.  Being as no original source code was available, two people in particular disassembled the program and have posted their respective versions to the internet.

Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe Software posted his Merlin based version of the source code at:

Willi Kuche also decided to create a version as well, however, his version is Kyan Assembler based.  The version he has created also goes a bit more in depth in the comments than the Merlin based version, according to notes in the CSA2.  No download link has been provided for the Kyan Assembler based source yet, however we have contacted the author for the information.

For those interested in other Glen Bredon materials, you can check out the complete Glen Bredon archives at

The only items not in the archives are the items related to the Big Mac assembler which is distributed by A.P.P.L.E.

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