Apple to Appeal iPad Name Rights Case in China

Apple lost a decision last month in Shenzhen Province Court regarding the iPad naming rights in mainland China.  The original filer of the name, Proview, apparently still owns the legal rights to the name iPad, in spite of their Taiwan subsidiary having sold the name to a British company, IP Applications.  Apple purchased the name from IP Applications in 2010, however, according to Proview, they never transferred the name or the rights to the name.

Apple lost a judgement in the court and is now appealing the  case.  They are asking for the transfer of the name to be completed as per the agreement between the Taiwan Proview subsidiary and IP Applications and also are asking for Proview to pay their legal fees totaling some 4 Million yuan.  This case has wider implications in China than any where else as most countries recognize Apple as being the owner of the name iPad even though Proview registered the name in 2000 in a number of Asian countries.  In China, Proview is already suing a number of outlets and Apple in an attempt to prevent the name iPad from being used.

Sources: ComputerWorld, WorldTVPC

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