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This week, we were thinking about the new iPad2 and the discussions of a holder for the machine came up.  So we started searching and came up with a number of case hacks or cases themselves that we thought were absolutely brilliant.   The funny thing is that in another few days, many of those hacks will have to change in order to accommodate the long awaited camera that is expected to be in the iPad2.  But in the mean time, here is our picks for the best hacks which utilize the older iPad thus eliminating any need to get rid of it.

Our favorite and number one pick for the best hack available today utilizes a Clam Shell iBook and is the best looking machine in our opinion. Now you too can look really cool by carrying around a 1990’s notebook computer that is so 2010.

Notice how everything fits into the case and how it nearly looks like it was built that way to start with. However, there are a fem minor issues such as the iPad is in there for good. The next hack also has the same issue. The number two hack in our selections is perfect for the person who never escapes their kitchen and must keep up on the latest in technology.

Notice how everything demoed in the video was perfect for the tech geek but really has some application in the kitchen. it almost reminds us of those old ideas of the Internet capable refrigerators that were supposed to take over our lives. That never happened but now your cabinets will be smarter than the average college flunkie. Quite frankly though, we doubt that much time could ever be spent in ones kitchen except for maybe by a step ford wife who had no life other than cooking.

Our number three choice has the flair for vintage tastes as well. Many of us children of the 70’s and 80’s got our first Mac in the mid ’80s when they were first released. This is a perfect solution for two pieces of old technology. (One obviously decades older than the other but both, just as out of date!)

Notice the commentary about the yellow machine. Guess it helps to know your old machine before you start trying to retrobrite it but the key here is the cool speaker solution provided with the machine making this old Mac on cool music machine. The case could have used a bit cleaner cuts but the slide troughs make putting the iPad in and pulling it out really simple.

Our number four solution is one that actually sint even a hack but a real commercial product. The Rocketfish™ Advanced Series iCapsule Keyboard for Apple™ iPad™ from rocketfish Products is by far one of the best real world solutions for the iPad we have seen. It’s $100 price also puts it in the affordable range and thus got our thumbs up. Unfortunately, it isn’t a hack and it actually was built for this machine.

Finally, probably the coolest in wow factor but number five on our list is the Fishman solution for his iPad enabled car. It is one of the more practical solutions we have seen in application of the iPad and is definitely a must have for the road warrior.

The push button rotation system for loading is not only simple and clean but the rotation is perfect to allow removal of the iPad to take it with you when you leave your car. And for those really on the go, our next solution goes right back to the hacking world with the iPad enabled airplane.

The only question you will need to ask next time you get in an airplane is whether there is a pilot or an iPad flying the plane.

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