Notorius Hacker Saltine Donates Collection to MacGui

A post on CSA2 this morning mentioned the donation of the entire collection of disks from famed Apple ][ hacker, The Saltine.  The collection has been converted and is available on the website.  Release from D. Finnigan follows:

“Notorious Apple II cracker, The Saltine, perhaps best known for his  single-disk crack of Prince of Persia, has donated his disk collection, some  140 5.25” disks, to Mac GUI Vault to be archived.

Now the Apple II world has access to over 170 disk sides of his data,  including the source code, disk copiers, crack boots, 18 sector disks, and  other cracking utilities used by The Saltine back in the 1980’s. All that’s missing are his hand-written notes and labels on the disks themselves. The disk images are first being released in one large archive file, and will  later be added to the Mac GUI Vault downloads section as individual files  when the next Vault update occurs, scheduled for next week.”

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