iPad Pro First Look

ipadproYesterday morning I picked up my new iPad Pro. Since the first version of the iPad, I’ve been hoping for a bigger version. Yesterday my wish finally came true.

The iPad Pro is physically very similar to the smaller versions – same thickness, nice curvy design, just bigger. Immediately you can feel the speed as everything opened fast and navigations are swift with no lag.

The size is really good.  I can read my eBooks and most PDFs at “real” size, including magazines and manuals that include lots of photos.

Then I tried my comic collection.  As a graphic novel and European comic lover, the “letter” size finally comes to realization.  I don’t have to zoom on some text or details, as they display the way it was designed for.

When I played music, I was pleasantly surprised – the four speakers really make a difference, the sounds are smoother, louder and better overall.

I opened Netflix, watched some videos and again the speed and response are perfect. Curious about the camera, I took a couple of pictures which look very crisp. Later, I had a Skype chat with a friend, again very smooth and clear.

My only issue was the battery. I had to recharge it early in the evening, but that may be because all settings were at default values. I will tweak the settings to disable some services and hope the battery will last longer. I’m also waiting for the Apple Pencil, which I tested in the store and I’m very eager to use.  I’ve had bad to lame experiences with similar devices in the past, and this looks like it will finally work naturally.

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Javier Rivera

I'm an apple //c fanatic, born in Mexico but living in sunny Miami, FL, the perfect place for retrobrite! I like restoring computers to bring them back to their old glory. Also like to combine new technology with vintage hardware to give new uses to them.