Old School Ingenuity Allows Split Screen iPhone Recording

One of the simplest and the lowest tech devices made for the iPhone is the new “Love Box” for the iPhone 4 / 4S.   The device is a grooved piece of wood with a sliding mirror allowing for both the back of the camera and the front view of the camera to be recorded at the same time, making The Love Box the first device to allow true split screen video mixing without all of the hassle.

The Love Box was created by an advertising agency in Barcelona, Spain, Honest&Smile, and is a truly hand made item harkening back to making cases for the Apple-1 computer.  The Love Box is priced at 40.68 Euros on Etsy.  While, it is such an item that anyone could make, the actual item is stamped and comes with a poster.  They will also email you tips on making your own Love Box.

The website for The Love Box is at:


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