Apple gives us a Unicorn!

As we were chatting away in IRC pre-WWDC Keynote, I mentioned that I would like to see a new MBP with Flash and dual SSD.   Now that I look on that configuration, I had it all wrong but then that was before the keynote.  Tim Cook and his merry men brought us all to our knees again with the new offerings from Cupertino.

It seemed quite funny at the time but one person mentioned that a MacBook Pro with Flash and SSD would be “about as likely as finding a Unicorn”.  Well, I suspect that finding a Unicorn is a lot harder than stated now as we got half of the wish list with the new Retina Display model of the MacBook Pro.  As the machine was introduced, it was quipped a bit about “well where is that darned Unicorn!”   Of course, the new machine may be just that with all of the features.

The new machines is not only lightweight (4.46 pounds) but also ultra thin (0.71 inches).  Completely re-engineered for its portability, the new MacBook Pro gives users the power of the MacBook Pro with the light weight portability of the MacBook Air.   This machine is definitely the must have item for the movie and graphics folks as the new Retina display gives a brilliant 2880 x 1800 pixels with 220 pixels per inch in a 15 inch display.

The wow factor is not lost with the speed of the machine and the fact that all models of the machine come with i7 CPUs with the highest end model sporting a whopping 2.7GHz i7.  8gb of 1600 mhz DD3L RAM and a 256gb flash drive in the base model, this is a machine which absolutely says speed all over it.  The high end model comes with either 512gb or 768gb flash.

The jury is still out but from outward appearances, it looks like Apple has another winner on its hands.

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