Apple Store is Down in Preparation for WWDC

The Apple Store, which is the center of the Apple consumer universe has been shut down in preparation for the pending announcements coming in today’s keynote at WWDC. The World Wide Developers Conference, held each year at Muscone Center in San Francisco, is the place to be today as Apple shows their developers the future direction of the product lines.

Many rumors surrounding the conference are expecting an entire renewal of the Apple MacBook Pro line of products as well as the next generation of iOS. iOS 6 features, while sketchy are expected to leave the first generation iPad and the third generation iPod touch in the doldrums of no upgrade path. While this may seem a bit unfair to some consumers, this is fairly typical of Apple’s concept of pushing forward without looking back too hard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is slated to give the keynote address in just under three hours from now and already there are lines beginning to accrue outside of the main conference hall. Stay tuned for more WWDC announcements as we get them.

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