Appending Applesoft

By Val J. Golding

Here are simple routines that will allow you to append programs in both version of Applesoft. While appending can be done under program control in App. II, it is really simpler to do it without. The routines are the same in both versions; only the pointers have been changed (to protect the innocent!). A word of caution: Apple soft programs store in memory just the opposite of Integer Basic, i. e., from the bottom up. Therefore, the first program appended should be the one with the lowest line numbers. You will get an error message in Ap. I, which should be disregarded. The secret is in changing the values of the pointers, 106 & 107 in App. I or 103 & 104 in App. II.  This hides the first program while the second is being loaded.  To do  this, these pointers must be set to equal the value of the program pointer, less 2.

In Ap. I the PP is 112 & 113; in Ap II it is 109 & 110. Here is the routine; just use the proper pointers for version I or II.

POKE 103, (PEEK(109)-Z)
POKE 104, PEEK(llO) I .

POKE 103, l:POKE 104, 48 (for Ap. II)
POKE 106, I:POKE 107, 42 (for Ap. I)

Do not attempt to list, run, renumber, etc. until all of the routine has been completed or it will blow your Applesoft.

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