Apple II Software Enthusiasts Summer 2022 Challenge

Roby Sherman has announced the Summer 2022 edition of the Apple II Software Enthusiasts Programming Challenge:

*trumpet sounds* Howdy folks! Our first programming challenge in a long while is to create a game in Applesoft that allows the player to perform “strange jobs/tasks”. What do I mean by strange? How about a banana peel stacker? Or catching parrots with a net and a jetpack? Hopefully you get the idea!

Your game can be any size you wish. The only rules are: It must be your own original creation, written primarily in Applesoft (binary files used for data and small sub-routines are ok), AND it must be submitted to the group in a disk image format by October 31st, 2022.

I’ll be gathering up the entries for a compilaton archive to be posted online in various places and the winning entry will be announced shortly thereafter once they are reviewed by our panel of anonymous judges (volunteers are certainly welcome).

Once I get a feel for the number of entries, I’ll try to figure out a prize or two as well (not that there’s anything wrong with unlimited internet points and fame!)

So what do you think? Have any ideas? Have questions? Let me know!

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