Paleotronic Introduces Applesoft and Merlin online Editors

The gals over at Paleotronic (Melody and April) have been busy with their two new web-based interface for Applesoft and for assembly language (MERLIN) editing and assembling. According to their release,

We’ve created two new web-based interfaces for our cyanIIde Apple II webassembly emulator!

The first allows you to load and edit Applesoft BASIC programs using a CodeMirror-based editor with syntax highlighting and colon line separation. 

You can choose from a library of hundreds of BASIC programs, edit them, and then download a bootable diskette containing the program to use in other emulators or on an Apple II using a disk drive emulator.

You can check out the Applesoft BASIC Editor here:

The second allows you to create and edit Apple Merlin-based assembly language projects. 

They are compiled using a server-based instance of Brutal Deluxe’s Merlin compiler. You can download a DSK image containing the compiled file for use elsewhere.

There is a Help link to the Merlin assembler reference manual. 

Check out the Merlin Assembler / Editor at

Apple II Forever!

Our own testing of the Merlin assembler was performed using the source for Robert Gallup’s Turlesoft interpreter which we published several years ago. As you can see from the screenshots, the assembler not only worked great but executed the program with no problem:

If you are looking for a tool to do a quick assemble and disk creation, this is a the tool for that process. The resulting disk can be downloaded giving you a short code to production process.

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