Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 47 Released

For those of you following the Apple II Desktop project, there is a new release, version 1.2 alpha 47. This release includes two new localizations of the project, Swedish and Danish. It also includes a slew of other new features and fixes including the following items:


  • Add Swedish localization.
  • Add Danish localization.
  • Handle mirrored SmartPort drives in ProDOS 2.0.1-3 (as well as ProDOS 2.4). #685
  • Improved pointer cursor appearance on dark backgrounds.
  • Clicking on blank lines will clear list selection in file pickers.
  • Improved performance drawing list boxes.
  • Text entry fields: Fix placing IP when clicking to left of string.
  • Improved appearance of backslash character in EN system font.
  • File Picker: show I-beam cursor when over either text field


  • Fix initial size of windows without icons.
  • Clicking and dragging works in inactive windows, without having to activate the window first.
  • Select a volume window’s icon if the window is clicked and there is no other selection.
  • Prevent mispainting of windows dragged behind menu bar. #707
  • Fix list view displays for windows with only one entry.
  • Fix memory corruption when list views selected for empty window.
  • Format/Erase: Fix message display if format/erase fails.
  • Shortcuts > Edit a Shortcut…: Fix showing first “list only” entry’s options.
  • Shortcuts > Edit a Shortcut…: Fix changing first “list only” entry to “menu and list”.
  • Fix handling of renamed boot volume when saving changes.


  • Format /RAM after reconnecting it on exit.

Disk Copy

  • Format /RAM after reconnecting it on exit.
  • Double-clicking on drive selection now respects double-click speed settings.
  • Prevent label being cut off during copy.

Desk Accessories

  • Date and Time: Fix up/down button painting when clicking.
  • Map: A new DA showing a small world map with a searchable database of city locations.
  • Find Files: Don’t crash searching excessively nested directories.
  • Find Files: Scrollbar arrows now auto-repeat.
  • Calendar: Default to the DeskTop build date if no ProDOS date is set.
  • Calculator: Don’t ignore keyboard input if window is obscured.
  • Date & Time: Fix setting DeskTop’s date/time when a real-time clock is not present.


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