Bytes from the Apple

This month, we have a number of brief programming aids. For starters, here is how you can break your long PRINT statements in pages:
For more than two pages, use this subroutine, inserting the GOSUB after 20 or less lines:


This will halt the program with a bell, and wait for a Return to resume.

T0 correct a line in a program listing, POKE __, 33 before listing. This will adjust the right hand window so you can trace your cursor over the line without encountering large gaps in the PRINT statements. Restore screen with text. next month, Don Williams will author an article on how to improve Basic performance rough indirect addressing in assembly Ianguage, and Bob Huelsdonk has also promised goody. The January issue of Mini-Micro Systems is a comprehensive survey and equipment string of printers available to the personal computing field. If you are considering such purchase, this is well worth your reading.

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