Demo of the Amper-Sprite Utility for the Apple II

I am currently working on AMPER-SPRITE, an Ampersand utility to DRAW and XDRAW sprites created with BITMAP ANIMATOR (an evolution of the BITMAP CREATOR spreadsheet). No release date yet 🙂6502 code was created using the 6502 Assembler-In-A-Spreadsheet which is an integral part of the BITMAP ANIMATOR.This video shows a first speed test.For now the syntax is the following:

  • &DRAW N AT X,Y will direct-draw a sprite on the hires screen.
  • &XDRAW N AT X,Y will XOR-draw a sprite on the hires screen (the sprite will be XOR-ed with what’s on the screen)

N is a sprite number, X is a byte offset on the hires screen (40 bytes per line) and Y is a line. X and Y may be negative so you can have a sprite “entering” the screen from the left or the top.

The same kind of cropping will occur if your sprite is “exiting” the screen (through the right or the bottom).

AMPER-SPRITE second test, now with animation. I’ve introduced a delay loop (GOSUB/RETURN to a FOR/NEXT loop) … even when the loop only runs once, it’s quite fast I think …Also notice how the guy progressively exits the screen …

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