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Marc Golembeck has announced the latest version of the DOLORES programming library for AppleSoft. DOLORES is a library of Applesoft based double low resolution graphics mode ampersand routines. Version 12.2 of the DOLORES library includes a host of new features including:

  • &STORE NUM,WIDTH,HEIGHT,MASKCOLOR: push sprite NUM (1..16) to language card buffer. Sprite DATA has to be stored (POKEd) in the area $9500-$95FF (256 pixels maximum) line per line in a row. 
  • &VAL NUM: set Pixel mask to color NUM (0..15). If NUM = 16 then pixel masking is disabled. After starting DOLORES NUM is set to zero.
  • &DRAW NUM,X,Y: draw sprite NUM at X,Y. Important: the visible screen area is represented by X: 80..159 and Y: 48..95. This enables easy sprite clipping at the screen borders.
  • &DEL NUM: Delete the last drawn copy of sprite NUM from the screen and restore the beackground.
  • &GET NUM,XFROM,YFROM,XTO,YTO,MASKCOLOR: grab a part of the current drawing screen and create a sprite out of it. Sprite area is defined by the rectangle that is created with XFROM,YFROM and XTO,YTONUM is the sprite number position where the new sprite will be stored. Any older content in this sprite slot will be deleted. Important: screen coordinates are X: 0..79 and Y: 0..47 here!
  • &V: print version info on the text screen
  • &INPUT XFROM,YFROM,XTO,YTO: copy part of the current drawing screen into scratch memory for later pasting it back to the image.
  • &RESTORE X,Y: paste copied image part back to the screen at position X,Y.
  • &RECALL: undo the last paste operation.
  • NEW: SPRITE.MAKER tool and TESTICLES demo by Daniel Henderson

The Disk image for the DOLORES Library is available from the Golembeck website at:

You can also download the Source code for the base library at:

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