Sheppyware Creates The S-Prize


Eric Shephard, owner and operator of the Apple IIgs Software producing SheppyWare, has announce a new push for an Apple IIgs based SMB2 client.  According to his posting on  CSA2, ”

We’re now accepting pledges to increase the value of the S-Prize! The Prize has been established to encourage Apple II developers to create an open-source SMB2 file system for the Apple IIgs which meets certain functional requirements.

We’ve started with the $400 seeded by myself and the Apple II development fund sponsored by Ross Falconer and sales of the old EGO Systems products through Syndicomm for several years. As of the time I write this post, the prize is up to $570 total.

Visit to offer to contribute to the prize. Your pledge will soon be listed on the Pledges page on the site, and the total will tick upward. You won’t have to actually pay up any money until the S-Prize is claimed by a successful developer or development team! At that time, we’ll email you to request the funds you promised.

You will not have to send any money until an SMB2 client for the Apple IIgs is successfully created and meets the requirements, including passing approval by the S-Prize administration team.

Developers: If you’re interested in trying to claim the prize, visit for the rules and qualifications; this will let you know what the file system needs to be able to do, as well as things like what sorts of licensing we ask you to use (basically any good open source license that allows code re-use), hardware and software compatibility requirements, and minimum functional requirements.”

At the time of this posting the prize had reached a total of 1620$ USD and SheepyWare pledge has been matched by A.P.P.L.E.

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