Apple II Desktop 1.2 alpha 40 Released

The Apple II Desktop Project has released the latest version of the Apple II Desktop software. The Apple II Desktop Project is run by Joshua Bell and started its life as MouseDesk by Version Soft. Apple Computer licensed the software and released it, at first as MouseDesk 2.0, then rebranded Apple II DeskTop as the initial system software for the Apple IIgsbefore 16-bit GS/OS replaced it. It still functions on 8-bit Apples, including the Apple IIe, Apple IIc, Apple IIc Plus, Apple IIe Option Card for Macintosh, and the Laser 128 family.

The current software is a hobby project and the current release of Apple II Desktop version 1.2 Alpha 40 included the following changes:


  • File Pickers: use Apple key to reverse Change Drive order.
  • Added Portuguese localization (c/o Google Translate – fixes welcome!)
  • Improve Spanish localization (font now includes áéíóú characters)


  • Mark folders as open when a window is refreshed.
  • Update folder’s window when file dragged into folder. #594
  • Fix date display in About Apple II DeskTop dialog.
  • Close “About Apple II DeskTop” dialog on any keypress. #579

Desk Accessories

The software and the source code for the Apple II Desktop Project is available for download from he A2D Github page at:

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