Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 42 Released

The Apple II Desktop version 1.2 Alpha 42 has been released. The Joshua Bell managed project has implemented a slew of changes to the project including the following:

Changes and Fixes


  • Laser 128: Fix default double click speed.
  • One more attempt at clearing text screen before showing. #639
  • Performance improvements by changing MGTK configuration.
  • File Picker: Clear to right of IP when changing drive.
  • File Picker: Verify paths are not volumes. #656
  • Fit & Finish: Improve text box appearance and file picker layout.
  • Fit & Finish: Improve border appearance in modal dialogs.
  • Fit & Finish: Alert dialog border and icon improved.


  • Fix bad replacement checks for File > Copy a File… #635
  • Handle operations with contained forked files. #631
  • Don’t allow File > Duplicate… to replace existing files. #642
  • Message tweaks when filename not changed in copy dialog. #643
  • Update windows after failed operations. #644
  • Handle renaming volumes/folders DeskTop depends on. #467
  • Close affected windows after a folder deletion. #654
  • Prevent creation of vol shortcut copied to RAMCard. #651#652#653
  • Error message tweaks. #449
  • Eliminate “splash menu”.
  • Show startup vol in top right icon spot. #468
  • Restrict Format/Erase dialog to 12 volumes. #326
  • Prefix folders in list views with folder glyph. #318
  • Added support for type-down and Tab selection. #275


  • Error message tweaks. #450

Disk Copy

  • Tweak case for File menu reference in label.
  • Eliminate “splash menu”.

Desk Accessories

  • New DA: Calendar. #231
  • Puzzle: Don’t scramble until button is clicked.
  • Force showing clock after DAs exit. #646
  • Run Basic Here: Fix path lookup when running from RAMCard. #645
  • Rename Startup to Startup.Options. #649
  • Put DAs in alphabetical order by default.
  • Eyes: Improve quality of the eyeball ovals. #83
  • Control Panel: Separate default pattern and active pattern. #453
  • Control Panel, Startup and Date: Prompt to save changes if write fails, even if not running from RAMCard.

Where to Download

You can download the latest version of the Apple II Desktop project on Github at:

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