Crow Cousins Releases Double-Paint 1.5

Crow Cousins Software, a creation of Roby Sherman, has announced the release of Double-Paint 1.5.

From the website: Welcome to the golden age of double lo-res drawing! Harnessing the awesomeness of Marc Golombeck’s Double LORES drawing command library for the Apple II, Double-Paint is a first-of-its-kind double lo-res drawing program allowing you to draw, paint, copy/paste images, and undo mistakes on multiple in memory double lo-res canvases using your mouse, koala pad, joystick, etc. and saving those images in fast-loading bitmap images.

Double-Paint includes an example loading subroutine to incorporate your images in your own Applesoft programs, games, and more!

​Current Features
* Draw / Paint in double lo-res graphics with various shapes and tools
* Copy and paste screen portions to save on repetitive drawing
* Switch back and forth and paint or copy/paste between the three on-screen canvases
* Draw using a mouse, Koala Pad, trackball, etc.
* Use the “Blazing Paddles” style menu for quick and easy tool selections
* Press Open-Apple Z / Z to undo the last operation
* Work at top speed with our ultra-fast GUI, written in assembler
* Included programming example demonstrating how to incorporate your images into your BASIC programs
* Crow Cousins self-award-winning PDF documentation included
​System Requirements
* An Enhanced Apple //e, //c, //c+, or IIgs, AppleWin or Virtual II emulators
* A mouse or a joystick-based input device (paddles, Koala Pad, joystick, etc.)

Download Version 1.5.0 of Double-Paint and start enjoying double lo-res graphics today!

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