Ample 0.241 Released

The Apple related MAME emulator frontend for Mac OS, Ample, has been updated. Ample version 0.241 matches the latest release of the MAME Emulator and includes all Apple related retro computer systems in a single, easy to use and configure interface.

The Ample frontend is the creation of Kelvin Sherlock and is generally updated with each release of MAME. According to notes about the latest version of the interface program, “Bookmarks and Recent Disk Images were switched over to use Core Data so there might be some growing pains.

Ample Changes

  • Bookmarks and recent disk images were switched to use Core Data
  • Added Bookmark editor window. Bookmarks can be deleted, renamed, or made the default.
  • The Default / Set Default menu items were removed since they’re now handled as normal bookmarks.
  • Recent Disk Images now allows sorting and searching.
  • ROM window now displays the full machine name. The tooltip will display the short name.
  • Fixed some issues defaults not always loading software and disk images when starting.

MAME Changes

  • Includes MAME .241
  • Macintosh – command key is command key, option key is option key

Where to Download

Ample version 0.241 and other releases of the program are available on the Ample Github page at:

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