Applewin Emulator Updated

The Applewin Emulator has been updated to Version This version focuses on items related to the Super Serial Card and the recent interest in BBS and Modem related topics.

The latest release of Applewin includes a host of improvements and fixes including:

  • Fix for showing 559th DHGR vertical column.
    • But now an HGR HCOLOR=2 vertical line at column 0 is only 1 DHGR pixel wide.
    • Fix TEXT80 to be aligned with DHGR.
    • Fix FLASH in TEXT80 (the inverse aux-memory char would overwrite the main-memory char).
  • Help: Added a new help page about AppleWin’s SSC emulation.
  • SSC: ZLINK not starting unless DCD is set.
    • DCD state is now a mirror of DSR unless -dcd switch is used.
    • Removed -dsr,-dtr switches, so -modem is now an alias for -dcd.
  • SSC: For TCP mode, support DSR, DCD & CTS status bits.
  • SSC: Now DTR must also be set to enable interrupts (in addition to the respective Tx/Rx interrupt bit).
  • SSC: Change DIPSW1’s baud rate to 9600 (was 19200).

You can download the latest releases, the source code and other relevant items from the Applewin Github page at:

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