Apple-1 Goes on the Auction Block

Charity Buzz is currently auctioning off one of the original Apple-1 Computers.  The “Duston 2” as this Apple-1 is being named, was previously owned by Adam Duston of Naperville Illinois.

One of the original Byte Shop machines, the “Duston 2” has been modified slightly but according to Apple-1 restorer and expert, Corey Cohen, is not in bad physical condition and he gave it a 7.0 rating, stating that “the board would have been an 8,5 had it been all original.

Included in the auction are a number of related items including;

  • Apple ][+ Keyboard with Apple-1 adapter from Vintage Micro
  • Modern Stancor power supply transformers
  • Sanyo VM4209 video monitor
  • Replica Apple-1 Cassette Adapter
  • Purchase documentation for LCF group from previous owner
  • Apple-1 related advertisement
  • Miscellaneous period computer periodicals
  • Autographed print by Ron Wayne
  • Early Apple II early advertisement, order forms/materials

The bidding has pushed the current price to 90,000 USD but is expected to fetch somewhere in the 600,000 USD range.

To bid on the machine or to check out the auction for more information, go to the Charity Buzz auction site at:

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