Marina TCP/IP Stack for Apple II Released


David Finnigan of has announced the availability of his latest software project, the Marina TCP/IP stack for the Apple II.  Marina is a stack which was written completely in 6502 assembly language and is written to work with the Uthernet,   According to the press release,

Because I wanted to learn more about ethernet and TCP/IP networking, and
because I was dissatisfied with existing TCP/IP implementations for the
Apple, I decided to write my own implementation. It is called Marina.

I started on February 1st of this year, taking a Uthernet/CS8900A driver
that I’d written about 2 years ago, and in 2 months’ time I have written
decent implementations of IP, ARP, UDP, DHCP, with little bits of ICMP, and
the start of a DNS resolver.

As far as I know, Marina is the first IP stack for Apple II to include a
Link-Local addressing implementation. It has several other unique features
too, but that was the one feature that I really wanted to have in a TCP/IP
stack for Apple II.

You can download the stack for free from the Marina website at:

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