Script-Central Special Edition 2021 Released

Brendan Belina has released his most recent collection of Apple IIgs Hypercard Stacks. Script-Central Special Edition 2021 is a collection of Hypercard stacks .

Script-Central SE 2021 Stacks

This year’s release of Script-Central includes the following stacks:

  • HyperTuneMaker
  • Haiku Stack
  • Xmas.Display.21
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • TuneBuilder (an updated version of Apple’s stack)
  • Birthday
  • Warp Speed IIGS
  • File Cabinet GS
  • PinDrop
  • Apple 1987 HyperCard Supplement
  • MenuMaster
  • Stack Report

A total of over 14mb of Hypercard GS stacks are on the disk as well as a number of tools and applications which Brendan used to create the 2020 version of Script-Central SE. He has also included instructions so that users can create their own versions of Script-Central as well.

Downloads of Script-Central SE 2021

You can download the latest version of Script-Central SE as well as a slew of other Apple II series software from:

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