Apple II Passport Updated

The Apple II based Passport, a disk cracking package, has been updated — release dated 04-21-2021. The latest version of the Mark Pilgrim and Peter Ferrie produced software package has been released with the following changes:

- NEW: patchers/harvey.a (Buzz Bang Harvey, Harvey by Primes)
- NEW: patchers/jmp2012.a (BackAid)
- NEW: patchers/pdi.a (Leadsheeter, Polywriter)
- NEW: patchers/rps.a (Pac-Man Thunder Mountain release, Problem Solving in Algebra)
- IMPROVED: patchers/ssprot.a (fixes Metric System Tutor)
- IMPROVED: patchers/bb03.a (fixes Spanish for Mastery)
- IMPROVED: patchers/sierra.a (fixes Mission Asteroid)
- IMPROVED: patchers/ea.a (fixes One on One)
- Passport will now quit gracefully if you manage to launch it with less than 64K
- Matching updates to the [Passport test suite]

Passport is a free software package and is downloadable from the Apple II Enthusiasts Group on Facebook files section or from here.

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