Full Motion Double Hi-Resolution Video Playback on the Apple IIe with II Vision 0.2

Kris Kennaway has released a video of the January 1984 Apple ad running in Full Motion Double Hi-Resolution Video complete with Playback on the Apple IIe computer. Now, before you say, the Apple IIe cannot do that, there are a few items you will need which were not available in 1984.

First, you will need a 128k Enhanced Apple IIe running the software, also known as II-Vision version 0.2 by Kris Kennaway, allowing conversion or “transcoding” of the video files from whatever standard format they are in, into the Apple II optimized video format.

You will also need both the CFFA3000 mass storage card for the Apple II series, which allows you to put the entire video on a 32mb partition as well as the VidHD card from Blue Shift, Inc. giving you the multitude of video output formats.

Nothing else about the Apple IIe is changed outside of the stock machine. If you want to read more about Vision II, check out Kris’ Github page where you will find a number of Hi-Res examples of Video playback as well as Double Hi-Res examples. The software is available for free download at:

The 1984 Ad video can be found on renowned retro hobbyist, Blake Patterson’s YouTube channel at:

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