AppleCommander Updated

The AppleCommander Apple II data conversion software has been updated.AppleCommander has long been a go to tool for many users converting data from Apple II disk images to standard files on the Mac and Windows.  The program includes support for all standard disk sizes and formats as well as 32mb HDV type hard disk images.

AppleCommander version 1.5.0 was released with a number of changes including:

  • New images
  • Updates to AppleSingle support. Also see the asu utility for direct manipulation and exploration of the format.
  • Ability to tokenize BASIC source file (see ac -bas ...). Also see the related bastools for more capabilities related to BASIC optimizations and directives, as well as shape table capabilities.
  • Ability to load a text file with conversion to Apple format (see ac -pt ...)

For more information about the project or to download the latest release of AppleCommander, check out their Github page at:

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