Applesauce FDC Client Software Updated

Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller Client Software has been updated. Version 1.36 of Applesauce FDC includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Support for imaging/validating/exploring 3.5″ PC (FAT12) disks is now officially supported! Imaging these disk requires an Apple SuperDrive connected to your Applesauce. I know this isn’t Apple-related, but some folks really wanted me to get this together.
  • Additional support for exporting disks from the Disk Analyzer in Raw Sector Image (.img) format. Loading of IMG files is coming soon.
  • Applesauce PCB version is now displayed in the About box.
  • Many UI tweaks like new contextual Export window from the Disk Analyzer and adding thousands separators to the file sizes.
  • Fixed crash loading 1.44MB 2MG images as well as several other crashes/bugs.
  • Updated includes a new 2.15 firmware update.

Those users with the Applesauce FDC Client already installed should get a notice upon opening the client that an update is available.

Currently, the Applesauce FDC will allow users to image floppy disks for the following systems:

  • Apple II Series Computers (II,II+, IIe, IIc, IIc+, and IIgs)
  • Apple III
  • Lisa
  • Macintosh 68K (128, Plus, and SE etc)
  • Macintosh Power PC Floppies
  • IBM PC 3.5

If you have an Applesauce FDC and have not installed the client software or you want to perform the update by hand, the latest version of the software can be downloaded from the Applesauce FDC website at:

About the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller

Applesauce is a floppy drive controller created by John Morris, allowing users to connect vintage Apple ][ 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives up to their modern computer via a USB connection. The Client software for the Applesauce FDC runs on Mac OS X only at this time and requires at least MAC OS X version 10.11 or newer.

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