Buckshot V0.04 Released

Dagen Brock, the author of Flapple Bird and the GS PLUS emulator, has released an new multi-platform tool for producing icons. Buckshot is an image production utility which is based on the BMP2DHR conversion program.

Buckshot is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows and is a free download.

While still in the early phases of development, it is stable and allows users to convert their images immediately.

Buckshot has support for a host of graphics sizes as well as support for multiple densities all the way from HGR as supported by the Applewin emulator to the higher resolutions and densities supported by Windows and Mac based VGA emulators.

The images can be stored either as Portable Network files (PNG) or as Bit Mapped files (BMP).

For more information or to download the latest version of the Buckshot tool from the Buckshot website at:

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