Digisoft Innovations Releases Apple IIgs Music Collection

DigiSoft Innovations Releases Apple IIgs Music Collection
By A.P.P.L.E. Staff

The Apple IIgs Music collection is now available for download from the DigiSoft Innovations website.  Version 1.0 of the collection covers 5 disks of music from various applications of the early 1990’s.    The current version of the music collection is recorded at 96K and is ready for your iPod or for background music on your website.

The five CD’s included in the collection are as follows:

Apple IIGS Classics – ACS-FTA.zip
Apple IIGS Classics – FTA II, NoiseTracker.zip
Apple IIGS Classics – Miscellaneous.zip
Apple IIGS Classics – SoundSmith Music Vol. 1.zip
Apple IIGS Classics – SoundSmith Music Vol. 2.zip

The CD’s are now available for free download from the Digisoft innovations website at:    http://digisoft.callapple.org

About DigiSoft Innovations

DigiSoft Innovations is a software company best known for the Apple IIgs screen saver program, Twilight II and the Apple IIgs software library, Golden Orchard.  The brain child of Jim Maricondo, the company has released a number of software collections over the years for Apple IIgs users.   You can reach DigiSoft Innovations via email at digisoft at callapple.org

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