Silvern Castle Version 9.4 Released

By Jeff Fink

After almost two years without a release, I’m happy to announce
Silvern Castle version 9.4. This is a very minor update to the program.  Changes in version 9.4 include:

Bugs Fixed in v9.4:
* In some cases the encumbrance display at camp incorrectly displayed the penalty.

Stuffed Changed in v9.4:
* The B)urden display at camp now shows the exact amount of cn needed to remove any encumbrance penalty.
* Moved the Market C)amp command from the Blue Knight Tavern to the main menu I)nspect Party option.
* Higher chance for more monsters in lairs, depending on level.
* Tweaked door outlines.

About Silvern Castle
Silvern Castle is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) for the Apple II in the spirit of the classic Wizardry. Unlike Wizardry, which was written in Pascal  and proclaimed as a game “that simply could not have been written in Basic”; Silvern Castle is almost entirely written in AppleSoft Basic.

Purchased by Softdisk Publishing in 1988, Silvern Castle was never published. After Softdisk discontinued Apple II publishing, I requested and received permission from Softdisk to have the rights to the program revert back to me. Released for the first time as shareware in 1999, I subsequently reclassified it to freeware status later in 2000.

To Download Silvern Castle
Silvern castle is available in several formats complete with the manuals.  You can download everything you need at the Silvern Castle website at:

Additional Notes:

Recently I’ve gotten well over 1000 hits at the Silvern Castle website
in just a few days – all due to this one blog post:

Also, see this blog for a recent user experience with Silvern Castle:

I’ve had this update on the back-burner for some time – nice to see
some feedback, it’s given me the incentive to finally release it. The
biggest change is the forward door outlines look more in perspective.

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