ADTPro 1.1.5 Released

by A.P.P.L.E. Staff

The Apple II software imaging software, ADTPro has once again been updated.  The current version handles Apple II’s and Apple ///’s and works over either Cassette port audio cables, Ethernet or Serial connection.  The new version includes the following features:

New functionality:

* [Client] Implemented native assembly ProDOS selector/ launcher eliminating the need for Applesoft; results in 30% faster booting and executing from floppy
* [Client] Laser 128 machines can now use their native modem port at 115.2kbps using the SSC port 2 setting

Bug fixes:

* [Client] Better automatic serial device detection for Franklin Ace 500 computers (select Modem vs. Printer port)
* [DOS ADT Client] Reset the screen after a disk send is complete
* [Server] Build hygiene – automate version numbering

You can download the program from the ADTPro page at which also contains a number of instructional how too guides and videos for the new user.

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