Super Star Trek for the Apple ][

by Wade Clarke

This is my ‘new’ (IE previously unreleased anyplace) version of Super Star Trek for the Apple II

Time to share another old game of mine with folks in the internet age 🙂

You can download the disk image here:

In 1995 I put together this version of ye olde ‘Super Star Trek’ game, using pseudo-animated mousetext graphics and some nice sound effects.  The interface is also friendly, you just tap a key to do most things.

The game mechanics are from the version of ‘Super Star Trek’ from David Ahl’s ‘Basic Computer Games’. As a tiny kid I loved this book, but I was always too daunted/scared to type in the SST listing – it was just too huge.

In ’95 I was in university, and I decided to tackle the typing in of that old game, but in the process of doing it, I was now canny enough to be able to make my updates on the fly. It was a fascinating process as I was updating a game I’d never played, thus I didn’t fully know how it played or worked while I was modifying it. Anyway I think the result is pretty cool, and fun to play today. I like the fact you can put in non integer values for your warp speed, course direction and torpedo launch directions. It’s often helpful or necessary to do so, as well.

The instructions, if you ask for them, can seem interminable. I almost wonder now if you’re better off just trying to play the game immediately… but they are there to explain any fine details if you need them.

Also on the disk is ‘Operation Mouse’, my friend and I’s cheapo attempt to begin to program something like Operation Wolf with mousetext graphics. It was an experiment and is maybe good for one laugh, but not actually any good!

The disk is available for free download from:

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