Another Apple-1 Computer Up for Auction at Christies


After a record setting sale at auction of an Apple-1 computer this past month, another one has appeared on the auction block.  With the previous Apple-1 going for more than $671,000 USD, Christies isn’t even messing with a low number for this auction start.  Initial bids for the machine will begin at $300,000 USD and according to reports around the web, is expected to raised more than $500,000 USD.

The Apple-1 being auctioned as part of a collection entitled “FIRST BYTES: ICONIC TECHNOLOGY FROM THE TWENTIETH CENTURY” and is owned by Ted Perry, a retired Psychologist in Sacramento, Ca.  He traded for it in 1979 and contacted Steve Wozniak about programming the machine.

According to Stephen Edwards, a consultant on the lot and computer science professor at Columbia University, there is a number of other Apple historical machines that are also associated with the lot including “a transparent Mac, prototype //c and IIGS machines, and a number of other early Apple goodies that should go for less-than-stratospheric prices.”

While many of the Apple-1 Computers were thought to have long been destroyed, at this point, more than 50 of the machines are still in existence although less than a dozen are known to be operational due to the fact most owners are not willing to turn on their prized machines.

Christies has announced that the auction will be an online only auction.  For more information about this particular auction, check the Christies website at:


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