Script-Central 2020 Special Edition for the Apple IIgs

Brendan Bellina has announced the release of his Script-Central 2020 Special Edition package of Hypercard scripts for the Apple IIgs. Script-Central 2020 is a 16 mb ProDOS, based disk image chocked full of Hypercard IIgs stacks and other related items.

Included in the Script-Central 2020 release are more than a dozen new or updated Hypercard IIgs scripts including:

  • Word Scrambler
  • Stack Analyzer (a Mac HyperCard conversion)
  • HyperTalk Tutor 101 with all 4 lessons
  • Merlin GS, an enhanced emulation of the handheld Merlin device
  • No Worries, a launcher modeled on Apple’s Macintosh At Ease program
  • Reminder
  • DateFun
  • Splash Color – A GS/OS Splash Color screen editor
  • IIc+ Technical Look (an enhanced Mac HyperCard conversion)
  • Blanker – a HyperCard based Screen Blanker with multiple options
  • Fangborne, a 350 card 2 MB HyperAdventure single-player RPG (recommended CPU speed > 20 MHz). A cross between Dungeon Master, Bard’s Tale GS, and EAMON.

In addition to the Hypercard stack themselves, is a complete instruction set on how to create your own Script-Central issue, using this one as a starter.

The package of scripts is available as a 6mb download load Brendan’s Silverwand Software Collection website at:

About the Author:
Brendan Bellina is the Lead IT Architect, University of California Los Angeles IT Services. Brendan graduated from Notre Dame with a Philosophy degree.

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