Tarot V.1.0 English Version Released for the Apple IIgs

Brutal Deluxe Software has announced the immediate availability of the Tarot Version 1.0 English Release for the Apple II gs computer. Originally written in 1990 by Francois Uhrich with cards drawn by Jean-Francois Sauvage, Tarot was only available in French until today.

Featuring absolutely brilliant hand drawn art work on the cards and real world sound effects, this game is not only entertaining but fun to play. Now, with the full blessing of Francois Uhrich, the English version of the game is available for free download by all. According to the Brutal Deluxe website,

French Tarot is a game of cards. Up to four players (human or computer) can play. The Tarot is both an individual and a team game. During a deal, one of the players (the Taker) is matched against the three other players (the Defenders) who form a team. The Taker contracts during the bids that he will reach with his tricks a minimum amount of points.

Brutal Deluxe Software

You can download the full rules book and the software package in both English and the original French from the Brutal Deluxe website at:

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