Brutal Deluxe Releases NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension

Brutal Deluxe Software, the group renowned for their Apple IIGS software, has announced the immediate release of their latest creation, the NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension. This new extension is specifically designed for the Apple IIgs System 6.x and provides users with the ability to play NTP (NinjaTrackerPlus) songs directly from the Finder.

The NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension is a FinderExtras extension that enhances the functionality of the Finder by allowing users to double-click on NTP song icons to play them instantly. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for additional software or complex configurations, making it easier than ever for Apple IIgs users to enjoy their favorite NTP songs.

NTP songs, created using NinjaTrackerPlus, are known for their high-quality sound on the Apple IIGS. With the NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension, Apple IIgs users can now access these songs directly from their Finder, without the need to open NinjaTrackerPlus to play them.

You can download the NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension as well as get access to the source code for the extension on the Brutal Deluxe NinjaTrackerPlus product page at

To ensure the proper functioning of the NinjaTrackerPlus FinderExtension, users must install Tool222. This tool is a vital component that enables the playback of NTP songs within the Finder. The latest version of Tool222 can be obtained from the official NinjaForce website at

To learn more about NTP songs, visit the official NinjaTracker product page at

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