GGlabs Releases Updated Apple II SCSI Card

GGlabs has announced the release of a new version of their Apple II Apple SCSI Card Clone. According to the GGlabs website,

The Apple II SCSI card from 1986 was one of the first interface cards to attach a Hard Disk Drive to the Apple II line of computers. A2SCSI is a clone of the last revision (rev.C) of the card with a few enhancements to improve compatibility with modern SCSI drives.

The schematics has been reverse engineered from our original Apple II SCSI card revision C. Some of the schematics documentation is still incomplete as our understanding of the hardware is not complete. We also started disassembling the on-board ROM to help the reverse engineering effort.

Small modifications have been made to the original circuit. Termination power is provided to the SCSI bus through D1 and C13. A optional resistor (R14) is added to fix the controller address to 7. The active termination method has been changed from the A2SCSI-A00 to avoid the hard to find UC5606. Now it is implemented using a 2.85V LDO (U18) and two resistor arrays (RP3 and RP4).

GGlabs website

For more information about the card and availability, you can check out the GGlabs website at:

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