SpellWielder Casts Its Magic

Crow Cousins, the computing family who recently released a 6502, 65C02, and 65816 printable opcodes poster in true Beagle-esque fashion, announced the general availability of SpellWielder for the enhanced Apple //e, //c, and IIgs.

The action / adventure game, which allows you to control the game’s protagonist as he sets out on a mission to rid the land of evil, brings the classic NES / Zelda type of look and feel to the Apple II for the first time.

Explore the 130+ overland, dungeons, and cavern areas to four magical Mockingboard sound tracks with either your joystick or keyboard, while acquiring spells / health and opening up hidden locations, obtaining/using keys, and dispatching any evil creatures that stand in your way.

Although SpellWielder is a free download from the Crow Cousins web site, the authors will gladly accept donations via PayPal for anyone who enjoys the game to support future development efforts.

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