Diskbrowser Updated to 1.0.38

Denis Molony has updated his java based Apple II Diskbrowser program. The free program which allows users to view a variety of disk images for the Apple II, has gone through a series of updates this month adding more accurate WOZ support for the application.

Version 1.0.38 of Diskbrowser includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Support for WOZ 2.0 format 3.5 Inch Floppies
  • Display options for Applesoft and Assembler listings added.

Diskbrowser also supports multiple flavors of Apple II floppy disks under both the DSK and the WOZ formats as well as many hybrid Apple II floppy disks such as those produced by A.P.P.L.E. containing CPM, PASCAL and other partitions on a floppy.

You can download the latest version and the source of the Diskbrowser program from the Github page at:

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