Froggy Software’s Canal Meurtre for the Apple IIgs

Brutal Deluxe Software has announced the immediate release of the 9th software release as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration. The latest release is Froggy Software’s Canal Meurtre. According to the release notes on the Brutal Deluxe website,

Attached to your TV like an infant to its pacifier, you enjoy cozy evenings in the calm of your apartment. However, tonight, the incredible has just happened: your favorite journalist has been murdered!
Your investigative skills overcoming your acute flemmingitis, you decide to take action.

But not too much is needed, and so as not to tire your viewer's heart, it is from your home that you will conduct your investigations. Switch off your bedside lamp, switch on your receiver and enter the very closed world of a television channel. All shots are allowed to discover the culprit(s). It's up to you to make the best use of: your sagacity, your Apple IIgs mouse, your intuitions and chance! 

You can download the release on a .2mg IIgs Disk Image as well as a PDF of the source code from the Brutal Deluxe Website at:

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