I.O. Silver for iOS Updated

A new version of the Beagle Bros game, I.O. Silver for the iPhone and iPad has been released.   The iOS game, developed by Evergreen Computer Services, LLC has been updated to version 1.3, includes updates to the package for iOS 11 as well as fixing a host of items including:

– Fixed a problem when bugs are released and come back on the screen, sometimes they act as if they’re squashed by a non-moving chip and vanish — to be found later under that chip. And other silly things.
– Attempted math on nil gridNum, which is bad. Fixed. At least on my phone it is.
– When bugs are trapped and new level is building, old bugs still on the screen crash with newly created chips and make $ appear on screen. That should no longer happen.
– Fixed the bug that didn’t unlock the retro pack after you bought it. (Not trying to get multiple purchases, really…)

For more information about the package, check out the I.O. Silver website App page at:


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