Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.6.3

Karelia Software has released an update to their web production software, Sandvox.  The new version focuses on the conversion of high resolution graphics and photos from newer cameras.  Sandvox will now take the photos,  generating the thumbnails quicker.  Version 2.6.3  also includes a host of fixes and updates including:


  • Adjusts to MobileMe having closed on 30th June
  • Better tracking of incomplete uploads due to stopping publishing or a connection failure
  • More informative transcript for FTP connections when an error occurs
  • Resolves an issue where publishing to a relative document root more complex than a single folder name would place files in the wrong location
  • Fixes a crash when cancelling publishing to an SFTP server mid-upload
  • Fixes a crash when publishing using FTP
  • Connection test gives the server a second chance to prove it supports overwriting of files should the first one fail

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a crash while autosaving in the background, often during publishing
  • Improves Slide Show compatibility with Internet Explorer 7
  • Addresses issues saving after deleting pages or objects
  • Addresses issues while dragging over some parts of the Sandvox UI

Sandvox allow users to create websites easily with a minimum of HTML and CSS knownledge, includes embedding of all popular media formats and allows automatic publication via FTP.  You can download the latest version of the Karelia Sandvox package from their website at:


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