Lunar Rescue for the Apple II Released

Lunar Rescue for the Apple II

Michael Packard has announced the final release version of his new Apple II game, Lunar Rescue.

Disaster! On a routine lunar scouting mission, United Earth expedition 1 was attacked by Moon Bats, stranding 60 crew members across the lunar surface. It’s up to you to successfully pilot a Lunar Rescue Vehicle safely down to the surface and recover the stranded crew one by one before their air runs out!

PRE-ORDER NOW! for $20 + $3 shipping, in old-school ziplock baggie packaging in 5.25″ DOS 3.3 floppy disk format with instruction sheet signed by the author.

Compatible with the Apple ][, Apple][+, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple /// (in compatibility mode), and Apple IIgs. All Assembly Language. Supports Mockingboard!

From the Snacking ON! Software Website

You can order your copy today by going to the Snacking On! Software website at:

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