Apple Announces Event for A14 – Apple Silicon Introduction

Apple has announced an event for November 10th, 2020 to be broadcast from Apple Park. Although not officially released as part of the announcement on their website, this is the event which is widely expected to be their Silicon based machine introduction. Several publications including Bloomberg and others are running with the idea that Apple will introduce the A14 Silicon based Laptops at this event.

First announced at the 2020 rendition of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, the A14 is expected to usher in a higher level of machines and graphics capabilities on the Macintosh based on the stats which Apple was quoting earlier in the year.

Many developers we have talked to are hoping that Apple does not piece meal the introduction, yet, with the implications of the COVID-19 lock-downs weighing heavily on development by Apple, it is unclear whether they will even have delivery of any machine prior to the end of 2020 or even well into the early parts of 2021.

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When Apple displayed their new Apple Silicon capabilities during the WWDC event, many of the folks were whispering about the possibility that we would get it with the normal October round but then insiders known to A.P.P.L.E. were saying not to get our hopes up too high for a quick turnaround on this one.

A priority for Apple would be their iMac 27 / iMac 27 Pro and their Mac Pro lines which definitely need a monumental jump in capabilities in order to keep pace with other equipment manufacturers who have been introducing machines with higher performance CPUs and GPUs over the past few years.

Since this is a realm that Apple have expressed interest in dominating during their developers conference, the longer they delay the release, the more likely it is that they will get usurped by their US, Korean and Chinese competitors in the high performance machine area of the market.

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