Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Release Cadidate

The Mozilla Organization has released the first Release Candidate fo their new Firefox 4 Internet Browser.  The new browser has come about after a number of delays in the program which initially had the release of the completed browser in February.  However, the program itself is feature rich, with a cleaner and easier to use interface.

The new Release candidate should lead the way to a release within a short time frame, however, Mozilla has offered no details on the actual release date of the program.

New features of the Firefox 4 package includes:

  • New tab location
  • feature spotlight
  • Faster speed featuring the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine
  • HTML 5 WebM Support
  • Faster Javascript execution allowing more numerical intense scripts.
  • OpenType Font Support
  • Full CSS3 support
  • and many others….

The current release candidate is available for download from the Firefox Website at:

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