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The A.P.P.L.E.  iPhone app of the month is the program Mailroom.  (http://www.usemailroom.com/)

For those of you who have used the Mailplane app, this program will look quite familiar.  This program allows the user of the app to control a number of GMail accounts at the same time.

While the developers are different, there has been a cooperation between the authors of the two programs in order to make the iPhone based Mailroom just as good as the Mac based Mailplane App.  Mailroom is produced by Dave Martorana, a member of the indyhall crew and one half of Two Guys on Beer.

After having used the App for the past several weeks, there are a few things that I noted about the app on both the good side and the bad side.  Firstly, on the good side of things, the fact that you can see clearly how many mails you have in your mail inbox and how many new ones are among them is important.  Sometimes, I turn on the app and if there are no new mails, I just shut it down again.

The green highlighted new mails number lets me know when things are really hopping.  The threaded mails feature of the app also makes things easy to read and follow the chain of mail on.

One disturbing point of the program has been the occasional problem with the inbox of one account showing up when ever I changed accounts.  Luckily the authors foresaw this issue and added a reset feature to the program.  The reset feature resets the Google mail session.  The inbox of the appropriate account usually shows up properly after being reset.

The other thing that seems to be happening is like Skype did at first, Mailroom burns through the battery life.  My fully charged 3 week old unit runs through the entire battery in less than 10 hours when I leave Mailroom running in the background.

Other than these issues, the program itself is recommended as a must have tool for the iPhone user on the go.  The app is a $1.99 download from the iTunes App Store.

You can get more information about the app on the Mailroom website at:

Also, they have a twitter account which you can write for support issues at:

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