New Years Demo For the Apple II

Sellam Abraham and Daniel Henderson have announced the availability of a new graphical New Years Demo for the Apple II.

This is a New Year 2020 Demo programmed for the Apple ][ by me and Dan Henderson.  It can run on any 48K Apple ][+ or better.

The story and artwork are by Dan, and I wrote the lo-res graphics sprite system, which is a complete package allowing sprite and background creation as well as animating it all using BASIC & command extensions.  The program to animate the sprites and present the story was written in BASIC; Dan wrote the code to tell the story from start to finish; I optimized it and embellished it with music and sound effects.

A disk image that you can download to run on your own hardware or simulator can be downloaded from the following link.  It is distributed with ProDOS 2.4.2 as the OS and so requires a minimum 64K to boot.  However, the files can be transferred to a DOS 3.3 formatted disk and will work all the same.

The music player is Electric Duet by and courtesy of Paul Lutus (C) 1982.  The tunes are public domain arrangements of Tanu Song, Carnival, Jesu Joy, and Auld Lang Syne.

Sellam Abraham’s YouTube Channel

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