New Apple II Game — Archer

If you have ever wanted to take part in a programming contest, the annual BASIC 10-Liners Programming Contest is a good one to start with. Each year, the best and brightest programmers in the retro computing community test their metal against the rest of the world. One of the first Apple II submissions this year is a really great effort by Humberto Barbera.

Humberto’s 10 line submission, Archer is a great little game that utilizes the Apple II’s high-resolution graphics in this little program. It compresses all of the scoring, action and screen drawing everything else into the 10 lines and is actually quite a challenge.

And just when you have played and beat the game, Humberto then takes things to the next level with his excellent writeup of the game, detailing every aspect of the program and how he crammed all of this into his little program.

To download the game, check out the Retrocomputing page of Humberto Barbera at:

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